Terms (Influencer)

Last updated: 5th Oct 2021

1. Addendum

These Terms (Influencer) are an addendum to Terms (Site) and govern and govern Your activities as an Influencer.

2. Acknowledgment

Your continued position as an Influencer is conditional on Your acceptance of and compliance with the Combined Terms.

Please read these documents carefully before to ensure you are and continue to be able to operate as an Influencer.

3. Influencer Obligations

You should act in good faith and in an honest and fair manner to all prospects and to the company.

You should keep informed of progress and requirements from the calls and announcements made by the company from time to time.

4. Company Obligations

We will provide resources and support for you as an Influencer.

The resources available at any one time will vary and may include branding material, training material, advertisement support, or nothing at all.

We will operate a compensation plan as defined and communicated from time to time.

The compensation plan is subject to change at our sole discretion.

If at any time you do not agree with the compensation plan you should cease your activities as an influencer and consider your position suspended and communicate your concern to Us.

We will then consider if the situation can be addressed to our mutual satisfaction or if your position should be terminated

5. Termination

We may suspend or terminate Your position as an Influencer immediately, without prior notice or liability, for Any Reason, including without limitation if You breach the Terms (Influencer).

Upon suspension or termination, Your authority to operate as an Influencer will cease immediately.

6. Abandoned Influencer Accounts

Your position as an Influencer requires ongoing involvement and support of the mission. If you do not remain active your account will be set to a status of abandoned and you will not be able to access the back office.

You can apply for your account to be reinstated; We are not obliged to reinstate any abandoned account.

7. Limitation of Liability

Notwithstanding any damages that You might incur, the entire liability of the Company and any of its suppliers under any provision of these Terms and Your exclusive remedy for all of the foregoing shall be limited to the amount actually paid by You to Us for your license as an Influencer or 100 USD if You haven’t paid anything to Us for your license as an Influencer.