CSR (An ERC20 compliant Token) was created by Corsair Group International for a more sustainable future. Discover CSR token Global solutions
CSR Vision
The CSR framework

The adopters of CSR foresee a framework of development across projects bridging boundaries between disciplines to bring about real change for a sustainable planet.

Security is key

CSR is an ERC20 compliant token contract deployed on the Ethereum mainNet. We could not wish for a better selection and pedigree.

Documented transparency

The use of the Ethereum Public Blockchain was key for the founders. This is a platform beyond reproach with public and free services from the likes of Etherscan.io and others. The founders have no control of the Blockchain on which CSR operates.

CSR Solutions

CSR is focused on global solutions and services which bring about global change to ensure the future of our environment.

Never before has so much damage been done by mankind as over the last 50 years or so. The founders that sit behind the concept and vision of CSR are making real world changes to enhance our planet.

The concept and vision is simple and effective. Learn more by reviewing this site and reading the White Paper.

CSR Principles

Growing demand for low sulphur fuel

Governments of the world are now progressing with legislative measures forcing industries to use more low sulfur fuel.

Ready buyers generated by legislation

Municipal Authorities, Local and Regional oil refineries, , International oil traders, Joint ventures with EU plastic manufacturers, Logistic, Marine and Transportation companies.

Plastic waste problems

It has been estimated that in the 60-70 years since plastic production began, 8.3 billion tons of virgin plastic has been produced and nearly all the plastic ever created still exists in some form today.

CSR Approach

Individual involvement is a core concept of CSR. No longer can we, as a population, rely on the governments and multinational companies to protect the future.

A future that will affect us, our children and our children children. The time for a global change is upon us and with CSR the power of the CROWD (bring millions of individuals to focus on a specific and important change in our environment is NOW.

Everyone alive (almost without exception) has contributed to the issues that face our planet. NOW is the time for everyone (without any exception) to contribute to the required changes to ensure there is a planet on which our children can live and thrive in the both near and distant future.

CSR Tokenization

The tokenization process and distribution formula has and will continue to change over time. As new projects are commissioned Corsair Group will adjust the distribution formula.

Token conversion formula: €0.01 > 1 CSR

Updated 6th March 2021
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