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You are now able to Save or Stake any CSR at the point of Distribution.

Note that there will be a separate process for saving CSR you have in your CSR wallet on the Etherium Blockchain (i.e. in MetaMask etc).

There are 2 durations presently available for CSR saving prior to distribution; You can save for 6 months or for 1 year.

You will receive a 3% interest for CSR saved for 6 months and a 7% interest for CSR saved for 12 months.

You can cancel your request to save CSR until such time as the saving plan starts (i.e. the CSR is distributed).

CSR marked for saving is, once distributed, locked for the duration of the plan.

How to Save (Walkthrough)

1. Login into using your registered email address.

2. You will see the dashboard


3. From the menu select “My CSR -> My CSR” 



4. In “My CSR” you will see all your CSR records and allocations with their current statuses, including Pending CSR address, Partially Issued, Issued, Complete, Under review, Rejected.

To learn more about what each Status means visit our FAQs at

5. The first step in CSR saving is to carry out the FREE verification process for your CSR wallet address (Ethereum wallet address) via Metamask.

At this point, Metamask is the only solution accepted for verification. We are working on alternative solutions for the future.

a. Scroll to right, to the end of the record line to see the action icons



b. Click on the Silhouette icon to start the verification process for your CSR Wallet


c. MetaMask will open, verify the message details in MetaMask (note there is no Gas Fee).


d. When you are ready click “Sign”.

6. All verified CSR Wallets are indicated by the tick-mark icon.


7. Again scroll to right and click on the “Save/Stake” icon


8. Select your desired period of saving and click “Confirm”

csr savings choose period

Note: If you tick the “Save ALL My CSR” it will include all available CSR on the CSR address for the chosen duration.


9. Now you will see the saving start date, saving period, and the interest rate on the record line or lines.

10. You have now committed the saving of your CSR.

11. You are able to cancel it at any time prior to the distribution and the commencement of saving of your CSR.




12. CSR that is distributed and part of your savings plan will be transferred to the corporate savings vault and will start to accrue interest daily.

13. You can review your savings and accruals on a daily basis after distribution to the corporate saving vault under My CSR > My CSR Wallet menu.



The process of retiring your CSR is a multi-step process.

  1. You will verify you CSR Wallet address using MetaMask. This is a free process and does not incur a gas fee on the Ethereum Network.

    Note that only one account can verify a given CSR Wallet address.

    Sharing of CSR wallet addresses with your colleagues and family members is insecure and not permitted in

    Note that a member of may have many CSR Wallet addresses.

    Retirements from multiple CSR Wallets addresses will be shown on different CSR Retirement certificates.

    If you want all your retirements to be recorded on one certificate, you MUST retire them from the same CSR Wallet address.

  2. Retiring the CSR to the dedicated CSR Retirement Vault.

    You will initiate this process in and complete it with MetaMask.

    Only CSR Retirements complete on will receive validation and certification.

    There is an Ethereum Gas cost associated with the retirement process. does not charge any fees in the retirement process. The only fee is the Ethereum Gas costs for the Ethereum Network.

  3. Once you complete the signing of the retirement process with MetaMask the transaction will be mined on the Ethereum Blockchain. is not in control of the Blockchain.

    The number of confirmed blocks required is shown as part of the process.

  4. Once the required number of confirmed blocks have been mined you will be able to download 2 certificates.

    The first one, CSR Plastic Waste Retirement Event certificate, is for the specific retirement you have just carried out.

    The second one, CSR Plastic Waste Retirement certificate, is for all the retirements you have carried out for this specific CSR Wallet address.


We will now walk through the process step by step:

  1. Login into and select “CSR of Retirement” from the Dashboard.

  2. If you have not verified your CSR Wallet address with MetaMask, click on the silhouette icon.


  3. Metamask will open.

    Note: You must install MetaMask to complete the retirement process. To learn more about MetaMask and how to install it visit cannot offer additional support for MetaMask other than to suggest you review the details at

    From the Metamask panel you will be requested to “Sign” the transaction.

    Signing the transaction will confirm your ownership of the CSR Wallet address on the Ethereum Blockchain.

    This verification is free of gas charges, no Ethereum or CSR will be deducted from your account.


  4. You will see a Success pop-up


  5. When the CSR Wallet address has been successfully verified, a star icon will appear next to the CSR Wallet address.
    Well done, you are well on your way to retiring your CSR Plastic Credits.

  6. You now need to specify how many CSR Plastic Credits you want to retire.

    Note: you can only retire CSR Plastic Credits that you have stored in your CSR Wallet address on the Ethereum Blockchain.

    CSR that is held on pending for distribution is not eligible for retirement.

    Click on the wallet icon.

    A pop-up will open where you can enter the amount of CSR Plastic Credit you want to retire. You can either enter the numeric amount or click the Max button.

    Click “Retire now”.

    Note: For the security of your CSR, the retirement transaction must be confirmed using MetaMask.


  7. MetaMask opens and asks you to Confirm the transaction. 

    Check the transaction… You are sending your CSR to the CSR Retirement Vault Contract Address: 


    Once you complete this process your CSR Plastic Credit will be removed from the circulation permanently. 

    This process cannot be reversed under any circumstances.

    Once you have verified that the CSR Plastic Credit is being sent to the CSR Retirement Vault Contract Address above you should also check the gas costs. does not charge a fee for the retirement process and the only fee is the Ethereum Blockchain gas fee collected by the Ethereum mining nodes.

    If you are happy with the details click “Confirm” to initiate the CSR retirement transaction.

  8. Upon successful retirement a pop-up will be shown.


  9. A new “Eye” icon will appear. Clicking on this icon you will be able to view all of your retirements for a particular CSR Wallet address.


  10. After clicking the eye icon a panel will appear allowing you to do several things:
    1. Download the CSR Plastic Waste Retirement Event certificate
    2. Set the visibility of your CSR retirements on

  11. Click on the “Download” icon, this will download the CSR Plastic Waste Retirement Event certificate to your computer.


  12. You can choose the visibility of your CSR retirements on
    You can choose between following options:
    1. Private: Your name, its link to the blockchain address and the retirement of CSR is private and can only be seen by you.
    2. Restricted: Your name, its link to the blockchain address and the retirement of CSR is private and can only be seen by you and other holders of CSR when they are logged into
    3. Public: Your name, its link to the blockchain address and the retirement of CSR is PUBLIC and can be seen by any visitor to


      Note: Default setting is “Private”

      If you have multiple retirements, then the chosen setting applies to all of the retirements linked to the specified CSR Wallet address.

  13. When you have multiple CSR retirements associated with the CSR Wallet address, a download icon will appear on the main panel. Clicking on this icon will create a CSR Plastic Waste Retirement certificate, which will summarise all of your independent retirement events.


  14. Plastic Waste Retirement Certificate – a summary of all of your CSR retirements for a specific CSR wallet address.

  15. Under the main menu bar “Access > CSR Hall of Fame”, you can see all Public and Restricted CSR retirements made by you and other supporters of the project.


  16. The “CSR Plastic Waste Retirement Event certificate” shows the following information:
    1. The name of the account retiring the CSR Plastic Credit
    2. Amount of CSR Plastic Credit retired
    3. Retirement date
    4. Retiring CSR Wallet address
    5. The block number on the Ethereum Blockchain
    6. The transaction hash on the Ethereum Blockchain
    7. A QR-code which directs to the URL of the specific transaction on

  17. The “CSR Plastic Waste Retirement certificate” shows the following information:
    1. The name of the account retiring the CSR Plastic Credit
    2. The total amount of all retired CSR Plastic Credit retired from the specific CSR Wallet address
    3. Certificate generation date
    4. Retiring CSR Wallet address
    5. QR-code – directs to a dedicated page on showing all relevant CSR Plastic Waste Retirement Events. 
    6. This visibility of the dedicated page is presently set to restricted and will be updated over the coming weeks to be as specified by the retiring member.

Add your company logo and website

Now you can add your company logo and website address to your CSR Retirement records on CSR Hall of Fame and be proud of becoming Plastic Neutral and advertise it even more.


We will now walk through the process step by step:

  1. Login into and select “My CSR” and “My Profile” from the Dashboard.


  2. You will be presented with following fields to be updated.

  3. If you wish to display a company name on the Hall of Fame and the retirement certificates, fill out the relevant field and make sure to activate the selection with the tick-box. If tick-box is not activated, your personal name will be displayed.

  4. Submit website address (URL) of your company and a logo. Logo must be *.jpg, *.jpeg or *.png, max dimension 250×250 px and max size 100kb. 

    Company website and logo must be both submitted in order to be displayed on Hall of Fame. Once these steps have been completed click “Save”.

  5. If all required fields have been successfully submitted and accepted, a success message will be displayed.

  6. Please note, the submission of company website address and logo will go through a review before changes will be visible in Hall of Fame. Please allow up-to 7 days for this process.




  7. Make sure that the CSR Retirement setting under “My CSR > CSR Retirement > View Retirements” has been set to “Public” in order to display the logo and create backlink to your company website.
  8. Once all the steps have been completed, your CSR Retirement will be visible on CSR Hall of Fame with your company logo and backlinks to your company website.




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